June musings

Classes are over, grades are in. I am able to spend some mornings in the sun at Marty’s café having an espresso over ice. If it is overcast I work inside and have a coffee and a muffin called “a glorious morning.”

I read. I write. I paint. I look towards blue sky grateful for the time to “notice what I notice.” (Allen Ginsberg)


To be vulnerable is dangerous and divine.

In a space of silence I learn what is.

There are those I love whose lives are shaking on an edge. I listen and embrace.

We are all so fragile, aren’t we?

This earth, oceans and sky all fragile

What would a world without dictators, tyrants, presidents, rulers and politicians with their wars and conflicts and one upsmenships look like?

We are so fragile.

“Take my hand. Speak to me. What are you now?” Muriel Rukeyser “Effort at Communication Between Two People”

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  1. joe matto

    Let Go, Open up…..I hear it again and again….as if I had a choice at this point in my life. One moment solid, the next yes, shaking on the edge, searching for that eternal I AM that is witness, searching in silence….sweet delicious silence….apart from the chaos of all that I thought there was, but is just illusion….you are there, right in front of me listening to fragile thoughts, a fragile psyche, trying to make sense with words that can never make sense. I live for the kind moments of greeting an old friend before news is shared and the eternal is simply saying “Hello” again.

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