Just one month

There is solace in the falling leaves

silent to the ear

a soundless prayer

there is solace in  days

drifting towards the unknowable

day and night when falling and drifting cease

then the silence of praise


That day in Las Vegas he tried to kill the music

music didn’t die but 59 people did

my student said the shooter  was “targeting happiness”

some said they wouldn’t go to concerts again



What do I call the tears that are not wet

erupting  silent sobs

this grief for the  nameless kidnaps me


I love the delicious abandonment

pen in hand word wandering through  morning

finding comfort in the unknowable

in the leaves falling nosier than snow

while others search for answers


I hear a friend tried to commit suicide twice in one week

I am buried in rigid stillness

he is broken by suffering

job  lost


loneliness magnified


twice he tried a man burned by pain

I didn’t want to pick up my pen

but I did

heavy with love

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