Do I write to admit, confess or conceal?

Some days writing feels more like hidingother days I spill truth like blood (gushing from a wound)

Some days I register ideas other days sad leaking words startle me

Stumbling I try to track disappearing words

missed meanings MixXeD up usage

Shame for what came once so *___________________

Now I draw a line where the right word fell into its proper place

a__________________ for the missing word


Empty spaces grow into longer lines


*effortlessly this word appeared 6 hours later from beginning this poem







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  1. Davyne Verstandig (Post author)

    Thank you for your kind words

  2. Davyne Verstandig (Post author)

    Thank you

  3. Ted Bent

    Very thoughtful. very engaging

  4. Joan Spear

    And yet, you courageously continue to concoct creations. Congratulations. I think about what I might write but do not put pen to page, finger to keyboard, editing, excusing, and excuse-ing. Thanks Davyne. xo

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