new year’s rumination 2016

solitude beckons when the world renders me wearysnow falling on ocean


solitude is not loneliness but a reprieve from what clings to me

I rise   a fugitive from a peopled life


snow falling


I do not want to die alone

sometimes only silence can tell a story


s n o w i n g


ink and paper, stick and sand, a finger writing in dust

writing * deliverance from isolation

this is what I know of love

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  1. Richard O'Brien

    What was first
    Water or sky

    No one was born alone

    We die only in our mind

    The day will be itself without us,
    because of us

    It makes us suffer

    If one believes in time

    See the trees

  2. Richard O'Brien

    Precisely what love is.
    You are home.
    Snow is grace
    rough lace
    it is the sky from which gifts fly
    as this heart listens.

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